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We need weapons... Classic, classic.... Pretty dang good animation.

Why in the world is this only 3 stars? Me and my friend where laughing so hard at this.

Man your voice acting is epic, I love this character its so funny!

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Nothing great here... Very boring...

I don't get the concept, its just randomly clicking blocks I got to level 6 and I'm like, "What am I doing?" I don't get the point to this. I wish I did because many say it is fun but I don't see how.

Sort of like Angry Birds, just a decent game, nothing special though.

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Not to bad, this is pretty good. Has some of those "good metal moments" but there was also some bad sides.

1: The drum sound quality could be improved, and the beats feature some unrealistically fast double bassing hits. But this isn't a huge factor on enjoyment, just something that could have improved it.

2: I noticed some out of key sounding parts, for example, the note at 1:49, and 2:12.

I notice some real talent in this though! Keep it up.


Maybe its just me, cause a lot of people seem to dig this. But I just did not like it to be honest, the intro with a bit of symphony was cool and it got my hopes up, but was just hard to listen to. The guitar is waaaay to distorted, I can't even tell whats going on, the drums sound very raw and produced. I have problem with keeping my guitar at a good level of distortion when I record to, but this is way over the top. Sorry bro, I just couldn't dig it.


Might not be bad except you need to actually record this stuff. Bass, drums, mixing, etc.


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Sweet, I love the art style.

Hahhaa this made me laugh big time.

Gamer/Musician, I am both.... But not a singer, trust me... Might try voice acting at some point, but for right now I'm working on some music of my own. I am also working on learning some songs, right now I am learning "Electric messiah."

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