New song coming soon.

2014-02-24 15:54:38 by Zero1996

I am working on a "Zero's Theme metal cover." (From Megaman X 1)


After all, I am Zero1996. XD


The song has been recorded, mixed, and all that good stuff. All that needs to be done is for a video to be recorded for Youtube and then it shall be released on both here and Youtube. Hopefully all within two weeks.


Thanks guys. :D



James Bond, the Metal version.

2014-01-10 12:25:50 by Zero1996

Hey guys, I just uploaded my new song here to NG. But check out the YouTube video for the song as well:


Hope you guys like it.

I have a new song out!

2013-03-29 20:24:20 by Zero1996

And it contains exploding blimps my friend! rture

Tell me what you guys think.


Hello, I am Zero1996...

I am a guitar player (8 years) and drummer (2 year about.) I enjoy just about any type of rock, progressive in particular. But I'm not fussy, I like everything from Symphony X and Dream Theater, to Evanescence and Paramore... Strange combination I know... The only type of music I wont review simply because I don't like it and wouldn't want to drop a persons status, and that is any type of screamo, or any type of rap. Deathcore/Deathmetal/Blackmetal/ect.... Rap/hiphop/ect

I like any of the below...

1:Progressive rock/metal

2: Thrash

3: Punk

4: Emo rock

5: Power metal/rock

6: Folk rock/metal

7: Pop

8: Chill

And some others I'm sure I'm forgetting. :D

I hope to make some of my own music at some point.